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What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing the one-piece desk cabinet?

What are the key points of purchasing the one-piece desk cabinet? Liming office furniture experts made a detailed introduction

1. Safety and stability are very important

the lines of desks and chairs should be smooth and smooth, and circular or arc edge trimming is the best. In addition, there should be smooth switches and delicate surface treatment. Desks and chairs with sharp corners and hard and rough surfaces should be kept away from children. In addition, it is best to shake a few times when shopping. Office furniture with loose structure and feeling of shaking should not be required

2. The integrated desk cabinet refers to a product integrating desk and bookcase, and the upper part of the desk is connected to the bookcase

when selecting the integrated desk cabinet, you must choose the appropriate height, or choose products with adjustable height. Because when school-age children study, improper height, distance and posture may be the culprit of children's myopia, scoliosis and even hunchback. At the same time, ill fitting desks are easy to cause fatigue and reduce learning efficiency

3. Materials should be environmentally friendly

specifically, it is required to be environmentally friendly and odorless. The surface coating should have the characteristics of non fading and not easy to scratch, and we must choose desks and chairs with plastic veneers or other harmless coatings

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