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In order to thank the majority of consumers for their support all the time, europay grandly launched a special activity of "love family for 20 years and thank you" at the advent of its 20th birthday and the Dragon Boat Festival, which lasted from May 31 to June 15

in order to thank the vast number of consumers for their continuous support, europay grandly launched a special activity of "love family for 20 years and thank you" on its 20th birthday and the Dragon Boat Festival, which lasted from May 31 to June 15

europay thanks millions of new and old customers

in 2014, europay home group is about to celebrate its 20th birthday. After 20 years of wind and rain exploration, the European school has gradually grown from the initiator of China's "kitchen revolution" to the leader of the overall home furnishing in China. In the face of achievements, europay has no pride and complacency, but takes 20 years as the starting point to continuously improve the brand cultural connotation of "having a home and love" and continue to create a happy life for consumers. From cabinets to wardrobes, to all kinds of kitchen utensils, every product is home-oriented, giving yourself and your family a place to love... On the Dragon Boat Festival, there are millions of customers of europay capital, and there are more surprises when entering the store

through the three major upgrading plans of "service upgrading", "quality upgrading" and "discount upgrading", we have entered Wanjia with warmth, bringing refreshing service quality to new and old customers of europay

during the event, free experience, participation in the lottery, constant surprises

during the event, europay launched a number of cabinet and wardrobe packages with considerable discounts. The price concessions may not be satisfactory to consumers, so those who buy cabinets can get the brand water purifier and disinfection cabinet by adding 1199 yuan or 1299 yuan; Those who buy wardrobe will send pulleys and standard drawers; At the same time, during the event, you can get a kitchen decoration subsidy of 2000 yuan for every 5000 yuan of ordering oupai cabinets; You can directly reduce 1000 yuan for every 30000 yuan of ordering European style cabinets and wardrobes. It comes from the full sincerity of European style. Do you feel it

during the event, customers can get a free customization experience card by paying a deposit of 3000 yuan in advance, and can enjoy the following six free customization experiences: free appointment of door-to-door measuring scale service, free design rendering service, free consultation and customization of the overall home service, free indoor formaldehyde content testing, free household water quality testing service, free demolition of old cabinets service, so as to provide consumers with high-quality products with high cost performance

during the event, consumers who order European style cabinets and wardrobes can participate in the lottery, with a winning rate of 100%! In addition, regular customers are polite when entering the store, and old customers bring new ones with thanksgiving gifts. There are many activities and more surprises. Consumers can go to the major stores of europay for consultation

European style cabinets create a happy kitchen for Chinese families

European party happy kitchen has a deep understanding. Since taking the lead in introducing the European concept of "integrated kitchen" and its fashionable home lifestyle into China in 1994, europay has accumulated countless case experiences in the past 20 years, understanding the cooking habits and housing characteristics of tens of millions of Chinese families, and combining the four characteristics of humanization, durability, environmental protection and fashion to create a happy kitchen belonging to Chinese families

as a leading enterprise in China's cabinet industry, Europa has been innovating continuously for 20 years, integrating international advanced production technology with Chinese kitchen culture. Each cabinet and its electrical accessories are completely customized according to the requirements of customers, fully meeting the unique needs of each customer and accurately reflecting the identity and taste of customers. As the initiator of China's "kitchen revolution" and the leader of the overall home furnishing industry, europay is proud to have internationally advanced and perfect numerical control production equipment. It constantly develops new products by studying each subtle demand of customers, ensuring the complete integration of people and home furnishing products, and providing personalized space design for every customer. In 2014, a number of new European style cabinets carefully designed by famous Italian designers were well received as soon as they came out

Europa wardrobe leads the fashion trend

as a leading household enterprise, Europa nimbly grasps the characteristics of market dynamics and consumer demand, and widely absorbs the technical advantages and style elements of similar industries at home and abroad; Constantly create and enrich the connotation of the overall home, create fashionable, exquisite and high-grade wardrobe art products, and lead the market trend

it is reported that since entering the wardrobe field, europay has been committed to developing new products and customizing different series for different groups. It has developed 19 series of products, including shutter series, North American style series, Nordic fashion series, glass series, platinum series, European soft bag series, New Baroque series, Tuscany system, youth series, etc

European style wardrobe integrates various styles, such as fashion, modern, simple, classical and so on, which meets the needs of personalized home decoration and is convenient and practical. Whether the owners like simple and capable business clothes, elegant and fashionable dresses, or sports and leisure clothes, Europa wardrobe will provide a flexible, practical and variable space. European style wardrobe is the first customized wardrobe in the industry, "soft space", which saves 30% of the space compared with other brand wardrobe. It takes three zones of frequency, object and function as the core of customized design, with easy and convenient movable laminates and push-pull mirrors, and anti-skid and practical trousers racks and clothes hangers to meet a variety of needs

European style wardrobe covers a variety of products, such as combination wardrobe, fashion wardrobe, open metal frame wardrobe, push-pull cabinet door, partition door, sliding door, bedside cabinet, hall combination cabinet, etc. you can experience the pleasant mood brought by European style boutique home and enjoy the style of life in your bedroom, study, or living room

create more value for consumers. In 2014, on the occasion of europay's 20th birthday, and on the occasion of surprise and free experience, europay cabinets will give you and your family a place to love




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