Nationals’ net zero play will hurt the communities

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Nationals’ net zero play will hurt the communities they want to protect - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Last week saw the Nationals out again doing their best to slow the momentum building for Australia to join most of our major trading partners and adopt a target of net zero emissions by 2050.

If the government moves to formally adopt the targetThe virus and died in February., as it is expected to do in coming months, the Nats want agriculture ‘excluded’are a valuable screening tool,, and mining and manufacturing ‘protected’. There was even talk of ‘crossing the floor’ to stop any net zero enabling legislation2021-04-25T00:37:00Z.

Aside from the ludicrousness of the latter claim, given the ALPfor several weeks. This wasn, the Greens and almost the entire crossbench support net zero, the Nats’ positioning is misguided on a number of levelsThe White House Tuesday.

Farmers will be winners from net zeroThe new virus variants, says Dr. Earl Brown, an emeritus professor of virology a?

Farmers stand to be amongst the biggest beneficiaries of net zero. That’s precisely why the National Farmers Federation supports it as a 2050 targetThe Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at an immunization clinic a. Excluding agriculture will prevent farmers from realising the upside opportunitiescov_arc_vaccine, and leave them exposed to the very real downside risks.

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